2017 China UK Entrepreneurship Competition



The China UK Entrepreneurship Competition aims to encourage new business ventures between China and UK and is intended to simulate the real-world process of entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from early-stage investors and venture capital firms.

The China UK Entrepreneurship Competition was founded by the PM (Prime Minister Initiative II) and was supported by British Council and the Confucius Institute programme funded by Hanban.

This year, the 10th China UK Entrepreneurship Competition is hosted by Northumbria university, Lancaster University, University of East Angelia, and Cocoon Networks – the Europe’s first Chinese capital-backed, international, startup ecosystem. Cocoon Networks leverages a full suite of support spanning that the participants of the competition can also enjoy: venture capital investment, business accelerators, incubator spaces, and IP management.

Other UK and China cornerstone partners of this year’s competition include:

– China-Yu Yao the First Global Smart Manufacturing Entrepreneurship Competition Organising Committee
– Newcastle City Council
– China Innovation and Development Association
– British Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association
– National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center

This year’s competition closely links up the opportunities in China and the enterprise teams in UK. The high-quality teams will be recommended to the opportunities below:

– £ 12 million policy supports and a series of £ 500,000 cash supports from the Ningbo Government, China;
– £ 2 million supports for each project from the ‘Peacock Project’ led by the Shenzheng Government, China;
– Free/discounted incubator space in the central London from Cocoon Networks headquarter office (4 Christopher St, London EC2A 2BS);
– Opportunities of participating highly valuable Cocoon accelerator programmes;
– Access to about 20 Cocoon’s top partners of venture capital companies;
– Green channel for the British technologies to apply IPs in China;
– Strong network development with top Chinese universities.

Key Dates of the Competition

– Launch — 14 March at Newcastle Civic Center

– Registration and outline proposal — 14 March submit registration online via email: hello@cocoonnetworks.com

– Submission closed — 31 May

– Review of the Submission — 1 – 5 June

– Training Programme — 5 June Top 32 teams/individual submissions

– Semi-Final — 30 June

– Final — 17 July

– Excellent teams going back to China — 31 July

Submission and Contact Information:

– Please submit to: hello@cocoonnetworks.com

– Please send email to di.luo@cocoonnetworks.com to ask for the Submission Form and the Competition Entry Form Guide and all other enquires, including joining into the WeChat group of the competition.