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Cocoon Networks is Europe’s first financial investment consultancy and networking platform specialising in cross-border technology transfer between China and the European continent. Cocoon Networks’ wide range of services includes financial consulting, co-working spaces and IP management. With its London-based headquarters and offices in four major cities in China, Cocoon Networks facilitates the creation of fruitful and enduring Sino-British business collaborations.


Sunday January 28th, 2018

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Our Mentors

Cocoon Networks aims to establish an eco platform for entrepreneurship across Europe and China. A mentorship program was launched to help building the eco system. Up to now, hundreds of elite tutors from all over the world, from China and overseas, have been gathered to share their entrepreneurial experiences, dedicating to team and companyies as a professional guidance. The program also helps start-ups in China and abroad to gain a global perspective and make great achievements.

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