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As a part of Cocoon Networks’ International start-up ecosystem, Cocoon Networks London is a physical platform to connect equity investment, technology and markets between China and the UK. Covering a total of 70,000 sq ft., Cocoon Networks London represents one of the largest and the most comprehensive innovation centres across European city centres. It’s dedicated to creating the nurturing environment for supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and ideas to grow.

As a bridge channeling UK innovations into Chinese market, Cocoon Networks IP Platform intend to establish a strategic platform to facilitate intellectual property transfer, intellectual property investment, IP technology consulting and intellectual property commercialisation, between the UK and China.

Cocoon Networks Ventures is the investment arm of Cocoon Networks and pursues a China-focused investment strategy. The investment team takes a macro approach towards investment, actively investing in technological start-up companies that have the potential to be scaled to China. The team believes these companies will capture the technological forces that will drive the future growth of the Chinese economy.

Cocoon Networks Accelerators is a new model for funding early stage start-up companies that have the potential and the ambition to expand to the Chinese market. We take business ideas at their seed forms, then combined with an intensive accelerator programme and our value-added resources, we quickly transform these start-up companies into the next stage.

Cocoon Networks Media connects international trends by providing trustworthy industry insight and extraordinary services . Our team is well-versed in content marketing, TV production, event coordination, online trading and creative industry management. Working with the philosophy of altruism, we use our expertise and leverage our global recourse to help start-ups and organisations with brand promotion.